Why Hydroterra?

Reliable, Professional Service

Hydroterra is different from most other irrigation companies. If you think about it, irrigation is essentially plumbing for your yard. You have to understand how the pipes all connect, how the water will flow (or not flow), and plan to have the most efficient routes possible to save you money and reduce water consumption.

Most importantly, you have to ensure those pipes are connected properly to reduce the risk of leakages or bursts. At Hydroterra, we bring our level best to each and every job to make sure it is done right.

Perhaps best of all, the guys at Hydroterra are just so easy to work with. Reliable, good-natured, and quick with a joke – that’s what you can expect when you deal with Hydroterra. Click here to read our testimonials!

Only Hydroterra Puts You In “The Green Zone”

With Hydroterra’s “Green Zone” approach to sprinkler installation, you get the perfect balance of lush green lawn and peak water conservation. Our fully automated sprinkler systems ensure regular and even watering that delivers exactly the right amount of moisture to your lawn and gardens — the perfect watering schedule for a healthy lawn that conserves water, energy, and your wallet!

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A Proud Member of the Alberta Chapter of the Irrigation Association

Hydroterra is a member of the Alberta Chapter of the Irrigation Association. That’s important, because besides the expertise behind planning and installing the pipe system, a good irrigation specialist will also understand the water requirements for the area, the soil types, and the average rainfall in the area. This knowledge helps give your system maximum efficiency.

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The Hydroterra Team

Ken Hickerson, Managing Partner

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