Hydroterra believes that, like with all things plumbing, you should never cut corners on your materials. Not only could it lead to expensive maintenance costs, it might also cause flooding to your lawn, garden, or even your house.

Hydroterra does it right the first time. We use only quality products from name brands like:

  • Hunter
  • Rainbird
  • Hydro-Rain
  • Toro
  • Irritrol
  • Netafim

This, coupled with a regular maintenance schedule, will help ensure your sprinkler system will run safely and effectively for decades to come.

Who’s Who in the Product World?

The advantage to carrying so many different brands is that we can offer you several options. We will recommend particular products to you based on your needs and the material costs to ensure your sprinkler system is customized to your home and budget.

These options are available whether we are designing and installing your sprinkler system for you, or if you are doing it yourself.

Contact us for a free on-site initial consultation, and find out why the grass is always greener with Hydroterra!

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